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Prof. Barnabé Pessoa Lima

Born in Beneditinos, Piauí, on the banks of the Poty River, he lived until he was 12 years old. His thirst for knowledge made him follow the flow of the Poty to the capital Teresina, where he has lived ever since. He was licensed in General Sciences with a focus in Mathematics from Universidade Federal do Piaui-UFPI in 1984. He obtained his Master's degree in Mathematics (1990) from  Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada-IMPA, and his Doctorate degree (2000) from Universidade Fedeeral do Ceará-UFC. He has been a Professor at UFPI since 1985, where he divides his time between classes, advising and research in geometric analysis, always accompanied, of course, by a good coffee. Great lover of good beer, he has fun playing billiards, and watching (suffering through) Fluminense soccer games.

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